The Silver Snatcher

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This quality hand made in USA designed Silver Snatcher lockout tool was intended to outlast and withstand the competition for unlocking not only vertical pull up locks but also lassoing the door handles in vehicles.

When using the Silver Snatcher you first start out with Best Tools Super Grooved Wedge. Gently insert between the frame and the door with  grooves facing out. This allows a gap to then place the Best Tools Air Wedge. With one or two air wedges you can create a safe separation allowing enough gap to the insert the Silver Snatcher. We recommend you shape the tubing gently to avoid putting a crease. Once you have shaped the Silver Snatcher insert the loop through the door gently lassoing the vertical lock or twist the handle to maneuver the loop to grab the door handle. The wiring is strong along with a quality handle. We now offer a plastic tubing on each silver snatch to help eliminate scratching.

Comes in two sizes, 30″ and 50″.

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