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SRS-10S – This is the basic model of the SRS-10 Recovery Side puller. Manual engage / disengage for the winch free-spool.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT • 10,000 lb high speed planetary winch 

• Winch cable tensioner 
• Easy access winch remote free spool release (manual or air) 
• Independent hydraulic stabilizer legs - Fits varying frame heights from 32” to 42” 
• Quick switch pivoting recovery boom (no assembly required) - Easily recover from either side of the vehicle. A simple pin release allows the patented boom to swing from one side to the other 
• Twelve tie-back locations 
• Snatch block and galvanized shackle 
• Independent hide-away flip down claw/spade with dual stabilizing feature - Allows for greater strength and stability. Also alleviates need for wood blocks to prevent road damage or bolt-on attachments to break through ice 
• Wireless remote control system for all functions (with manual overrides) 
• Custom Hydraulic Manifold for simpler and more efficient hydraulic hose routing 
• Fully Adjustable Light Pylon - Comes standard and easily adjusts to all popular chassis cab heights
 • Mechanical/hydraulic locking features on all functions for improved safety

SPECIFICATIONS • Structural Capacity - 10,000 lbs 
• Winch Capacity - SRS-10 10,000 lbs 
• Wire Rope - SRS-10 7/16” dia x 75 ft 
• Weight (Complete Unit) - 1,200 lbs 
• Can pull rated winch capacity in any direction safely, with recovery boom in either stowed location  

CHASSIS REQUIREMENTS • Minimum GVWR - 19,500 lbs 
• Additional CA (CAB TO AXLE) - 12” 
• Frame Height Range - 32” - 42”
 • Frame Minimum Total RBM - 900,000 in-lbs

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