742009 Deweze Clutch, Serp, 8 Grv, W/ Diode

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This is an 8-groove, 6" serpentine clutch assembly. NOTE TO INSTALLER BURNISHING: Clutches will need a short burnishing period to generate the rated torque. This is a process of cycling the clutch to slightly wear the friction surfaces. This allows full contact and maximum magnetic attraction required for rated torque (or more). TO AVOID BURNING OR HEAT DISTORTION, THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE IS RECOMMENDED: After clutch is installed, run at 1000-1200 RPM. Cycle the clutch on/off at the rate of 10 seconds on - 10 seconds off for a minimum of 50-100 cycles.


  • 12-Volt operated
  • Used in conjunction with a 7/8" tapered shaft pump
  • Manufactured by Ogura