70051674 Jerr-Dan Collins 4.8 Bracket Mount

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70051674 Jerr-Dan Collins 4.8 Bracket Mount


Collins - Self Locking Combo Mounts, 4.8

  • These mounts are made by Collins and are designed to be used with the Collins Hi-Speed Dollies with 4.8” tires.
  • The outer bracket closes over top of the dolly, axle and pry bar and locks in place for safe & secure transport of your dollies.
  • Brackets are zinc coated to prevent rust and ensure a long life.
  • These mounts are made to fit Jerr-Dan MPL wrecker template (no drilling required) but will fit on any manufacturer’s wrecker body.
  • Installs in minutes (when installed on Jerr-Dan MPL Aluminum bodies).


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